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Process ID and application name are NULL when you connect SQL Server in Linux

When you run DMV sys.dm_exec_sessions , sys.sysprocesses to check the process id/application, these DMVs return NULL.

This is a bug that has been fixed in ODBC 17.4.2. Please update your drive.

Here is the detail

Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.4.2  to SQL Server on Linux and macOS has been released.

Please suggest to apply the hotfix in case your customers hit following issues

Bug fixes in the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.4.2 for SQL Server

· Fix for an issue where process ID and application name would not be sent correctly to SQL Server (for sys.dm_exec_sessions analysis) (Linux)

· Removed redundant dependency on libuuid (Linux)

· Fix for a bug with sending UTF8 data to SQL Server 2019

· Fix for a bug where locales that end in “@euro” were not being correctly detected (Linux)

· Fix for XML data being returned incorrectly when fetched as an output parameter while using Always Encrypted

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