Log records of update statement

Compared to insert and delete statement, the update statement creates more log records, even more than you expected. I’m going to use fn_dblog to show you HOW sql server create […]

DBCC Stackdump–new feature

Since SQL 2019 CU2, you can use DBCC Stackdump to create mini, filtered, full dump directly without using trace flag. Here are samples: DBCC STACKDUMP WITH MINI_DUMP DBCC STACKDUMP WITH […]

An example of Polybase for Oracle(TSQL)

Here is the topology of the environment SQL Server Oracle SQL Server 2019 RTM Oracle 11g Platform:Windows 2016 IP: Port:1521 SQL 2019 RTM does not support versions greater than 12.1,  […]

Missing MSI and MSP files

If you hit missing MSI/MSP issue, suggest them to try the FixMissingMSI tool developed by Simon https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/psssql/2018/01/24/sql-setup-toolsuite-introduction-1-fixmissingmsi/ Here is how SQL Server work with MSI/MSP files, you may need to […]